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At Whiteways Primary School we take electronic safety (e-safety) very seriously.  E-safety is the safe and responsible use of technology.  This can involve using computers and the internet, as well as other electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and games consoles.  In school we teach e-safety across the curriculum and in bespoke ICT lessons, to help and remind the children how to stay e-safe.




Staying safe on the Internet

When the children are using the internet at home it is very important that they remain safe online.  Within school, the children use the internet regularly to support their learning.  The internet can be an invaluable resource in children’s learning however it is important that they use it safely.  We teach them how to keep safe by only using known and reliable websites.  As well as this, our children learn the possible dangers of using e-mail and Instant Messaging and what they should do if they receive unknown contacts.



Staying safe on Social Media

Social media is becoming an increasingly popular with websites such as:

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, Myspace.

Whilst these sites are popular and many children may have older siblings that use them, the minimum age for these sites is 13 years old.  Therefore no children at Whiteways Primary School should have accounts on any of these sites.



Staying safe with Mobile Devices (phones and tablets)

It is important for the children to learn that it is not just on computers that they need to stay e-safe.  This also extends to mobile phones such as Smart phones where the children are able to access the internet.  Children should also be aware of the possible dangers when texting and phoning.  Offensive and prank calls and texts is a form of bullying and should not be tolerated.  Mobile devices are a fantastic source of communication, however must be used appropriately.



Staying safe on Games Consoles

With the advancement in games consoles, this is another area where children need to stay e-safe.  Consoles such as Xbox and Playstation now make it possible for children to play with others around the world.  As with Instant Messaging and e-mails, the children need to be aware of the possible dangers and what they should do if they are unsure.  This can include nearly all games (eg.  Fifa, Minecraft and many others) where children may play and chat with strangers.  Children should not chat and share private information through these games, as this could lead to grooming and other stranger danger situations.  If children are unsure, they must tell an adult they trust immediately and contact CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre).





  Useful links about E-safety


  • Think U Know – This has information about Internet safety for children aged 5-16.
  • CEOP – Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre.
  • Kidsmart – Internet safety programme.
  • Know IT all – Advice on staying safe on the Internet.