The school's full published results can be found on the DFE website using the link below.

Department for Education School Performance Tables for Whiteways Primary School


Academic Performance Results for 2018 to 2019

Foundation Stage 2

49% of children achieved the expected standard of a “Good Level of Development”

Y1 Phonics

47% of children passed the phonics reading test. 

Y2 Phonics

80% of children passed the Y1 phonics reading test by the end of Y2.

Y2 End of year results

Reading – 55% achieved the expected standard 

Writing – 53% achieved the expected standard

Maths – 55% achieved the expected standard 


Y6 End of year results

Reading – 41% achieved the expected standard 2% at greater depth

Writing - 64% achieved the standard 11% at greater depth

Maths – 63% achieved the standard 4% at greater depth

SPAG – 56% achieved the standard 15% at greater depth

COMBINED Reading, Writing and Maths – 38% achieved the standard 0% at greater depth

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 Historical Academic Performance Results 2014-2018.