Welcome to
Cascade Multi Academy Trust

School Aims

At Whiteways Primary School we are committed to creating a caring environment for learning.  Each child will have opportunities to recognise and achieve their own potential and to develop skills for living in wider society.  At Whiteways we believe that to achieve a high standard of behaviour both in and around school, it is essential to have an agreed policy which is consistently implemented, and supported by all stakeholders.


Our School Aims

Good behaviour and positive attitudes to learning run through all of our aims.


Together we...

  • Deliver high quality learning opportunities which engage and enrich our children and their families.
  • Learn in an environment which inspires pupils and staff.
  • Respect and construct partnerships between pupils, staff, parents, governors and the community.
  • Build opportunities to express and reflect upon thoughts, opinions and ideas.
  • Provide high quality staff who put the education, welfare and safety needs of children first.
  • Aspire to do our best to teach our full potential.
  • Provide a curriculum which meets the needs of our community and prepares our children for their roles as citizens in the wider world.
  • Celebrate success and challenge under-performance.
  • Include and value all members of our community regardless of our ability, background or cultural heritage.
  • Show respect for people and our environment both in school and beyond the school gate.
  • Share and nurture ambitions and aspirations in a safe and non-judgemental setting.
  • Promote and value the perseverance and resilience of everyone in school

School Rules

At Whiteways we feel that these 3 simple statements are easy for our children to remember and encompass what it means to be both a good Whiteways citizen and a good citizen within our community and the wider world. 

  1. Respect ourselves.
  2. Respect other people.
  3. Respect our environment.