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Year 5 pupils have been learning about Joan Miro, a famous Spanish Catalan artist.

Here you can view just a few samples of the artwork they have produced in the same style as the artist.



Here are 2 beautiful examples of artwork produced by Year 5 pupils during their science week project.


Sheffield Young Artists 2016

This half term we celebrated the achievements of 20 of our children who had work displayed in an art exhibition at Ponds Forge in Sheffield’s city centre. The children went to the opening ceremony of the gallery and they even got to meet the Lord Mayor!

See the artwork below.



The topic in Year 2 for Spring has been living things.  They have planted seeds and are watching them grow into flowers.  The children in 2M have painted sunflowers in the style of Van Gogh, they experimented with light and dark shades by adding white or black paint.





5W have been studying the Shang Dynasty. They have explored paper crafts and calligraphy because the Chinese invented writing.  They also also made fans and lanterns which are on display in their classroom.

To view all of the pictures please click on one and it will move to the next picture.





The topic for Year 2 this Autumn term was World War II.

Take a look at some of the fantastic work they have produced from their lessons.






Children in class 5W are learning to use a range of techniques and media to create their own pictures in the style of the modern artist Christopher Marley. Below are some samples of artwork they have done using felt tips to capture the bright colours and then the colour copier to duplicate the images.








Class 6B produced some artwork of their own in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.  They also did some writing about the life of the artist.





Class 6W pupils have been exploring and improving our school environment and adding a little magic as they go!

The pupils have been making "Boggarts" woodland sprites that hide in the trees.  48 of these creatures have been hidden and a trail has been created with clues for the younger pupils in Y1 to follow and find them.






Reception children (FS2) designed and made their own animal masks. Their creations can be seen on the wall outside the reception classrooms.






During their Art lessons and as part of their Australia topic, Year 3 made some Great Barrier Reef boxes and designed their own Boomerangs.




5C children have been learning about Hinduism based around the festival of Diwali.  This topic had cross curricular links with literacy, RE, art, speaking and listening and music.  The children collaboratively worked together, in groups of four, to produce art work based around the story of Rama and Sita which can be seen below.  Some of the children then orally recounted the story using musical instruments to add and create effect which can be heard through the link below.




Following their visit to Magna, class 4B made silhouette pictures of Sheffield Steelmen.




For their topic during the Spring term Y6 children have been learning about 'The Environment'.

Below are just some examples of the art work they have produced for this topic and there are some more fantastic displays around the school.


Class 6S have been helping the environment by recycling everyday items such as crisp packets and boxes.  They used them to create junk art sculptures of penguins and polar bears - 2 creatures that are in danger from global warming.

The sculptures are in the same style as the american artist Leo Sewell, who creates sculptures made from items found at the local tips.




Class 6B had a debate about graffiti art. They discussed why people do it? Some have powerful messages. Is it vandalism? Is it Art? Do people like or dislike it?

They reached a decision that they liked Graffiti art but people should have permission to do it and it should be in the right place.

Children then made tiles with their own graffiti art designs.




Class 6S have made junk art mosaics from recycled products, such as crisp packets & sweet wrappers, in the same style as the american artist Jason Mecier.

They chose Helen Sharman, the first Briton in space, who was born and lived in Sheffield, as their subject.




Class 5B have been discovering the journey of a cocoa bean, from the cocoa tree to the chocolate we buy in a shop.  They have made a timeline display with pictures (see below) in their class, of the whole journey.

Cocoa Beans           

1. Cocoa beans grow in cocoa pods which grow on trees. 

  2. When the pods are ripe they are split open and the cocoa beans are scraped out.   3. The fermented beans are laid out to dry in the sun.    4. The dried beans are weighed and put into sacks. 
5. The sacks are loaded onto lorries for export.    6. Ships take the beans to factories all over the world.   7. In the factories the beans are shelled and roasted.   8. The beans are ground into small pieces.
9. Milk and sugar are added to the mixture   10. The mixture is heated to form a liquid and is stirred for 12 hours.    11. Liquid chocolate is poured into moulds and refridgerated (flavours might be added).   12. Chocolate bars are taken to shops to be bought.




Class 6W have been looking at the work of Giacometti who escaped Italy during the 2nd World War.

The samples below show how the children wrote noun phrases and adverbial phrases to describe their Giacometti sculptures which they made with wire and Papier-mâché.